Her Survival Guide: This powerful women's assault prevention / empowerment workshop is beneficial for the young and young at heart. Mothers & daughters, friends & family from all walks of life will benefit from these powerful skills. This course is designed to raise awareness, change perspective and give each person functional tools. We come together as protectors to live independent, free and empowered lives!

The program begins with some real life stories of empowerement and survival. Then we go over the basics of risk identification, assessment & management; 6 A's of Safety; how to draw & hold clear boundaries; verbal and non-verbal de-escalation & negotiation tactics, relationship & conflict resolution skills.

Next comes the fun part! The women are taught easy to remember and to use physical defense tactics standing up, against the wall and on the ground (if space available), as well as how to use every day items as weapons. Depending on the length and intensity of the chosen event; We will go over how to effecively deal with the most common unarmed and armed attacks you might face today. Our flexable approach allows us to teach basic self defense to a wide variety of crowds in small or large venues such as meeting rooms or auditoriums. We teach in a safe and respectful way that helps eliminate the risk of intimidation and injury.

We recommend that participants continue training at some of our  Defensive Tactics Seminars, come to our on-going program at Ronin Martial Arts Academy or join our facebook page where you can see up coming events, view training videos, see pictures and connect with other protectors just like you.